How to choose the right BB cream for you?

How to choose the right BB cream for you?

With the onset of spring and the upcoming warm weather, many women prefer to apply light and almost invisible products to their skin. If you are one of them and are already a fan of makeup with a delicate texture and good coverage, 1Beauty will make it easy for you to choose from and help you focus on the right product for you.

Today we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions about decorative face cosmetics and more specifically: two of our BB creams.

Who are BB Cream Cushion and Radiance BB Cream suitable for?

BB creams are suitable for every skin type, as long as it feels good! Both teens and ladies over 45 can benefit from those creams and use them daily.

In addition to nourish the skin, both products are lightweight in texture and adapt perfectly to the natural skin color. They sit extremely well on their own as well as with light makeup on the eyes and lips.

Both BB Cream Cushion and Radiance BB Cream have high UV protection (SPF 50 / UVA + UVB), which makes them especially suited for the sunnier days when our skin needs an additional barrier against harmful summer rays.

BB creams are much better than just plain foundation or powder, as they do not further clog pores, give a fresh look to the skin and at the same time hide any imperfections. Beauty Bakery products are the perfect start to a perfect makeup and can complete any look.

What is the difference between BB Cream Cushion and Radiance BB Cream?

The main difference between the two creams is CONSISTENCE. With BB Cream Cushion we have a smooth but high covering density contained in the sponge. This allows even application over the entire face with makeup brush or sponge, which requires the use of a minimal amount of product. Unlike Radiance BB Cream, which has a completely liquid formula, but is also in a convenient package with a pump.

Another significant difference between the two BB creams is that the BB Cream Cushion has TWO COLORS to choose from. Due to its high coverage, this particular BB cream is recommended for younger skin. Radiance BB Cream is available in only ONE COLOR, but it perfectly matches the complexion and easily adapts to the natural skin tone.

Which BB Cream Cushion color is right for you?

# 21 Skin Beige is a light beige color, suitable for almost transparent skin in light shades. Well covering even the most visible imperfections. Easily adaptable to natural tan.

# 23 Natural Beige with its medium beige color, suitable for medium light skin, it spreads easily and adapts to the natural complexion of the skin. If you have light skin, but even with a light complexion, this is the right color for you.

Certainly, the choice of BB cream is much easier than that of foundation, as both Beauty Bakery BB creams are easy to adapt to the complexion of your skin.

If you are still hesitant about which color to choose, don’t hesitate to contact us!


We will do our best to help you do the right choice!

Our quick 5-minute makeup tips

Apply BB Cream Cushion on cleansed face skin. If your skin is oily, apply mattifying powder that is suitable for your skin type. Apply mascara on the eyelashes, and if you have the experience – complement your vision daily with our almost imperceptible artificial eyelashes. It’s Spring time: put on a colorful accent and apply precision pencil Holi Pop Apple Matte Lipstick to your lips. There it is! You are now ready to conquer new peaks!

We will be glad to have been able to answer all the questions and orientated you correctly which product to choose.

Now you have to enter the 1Beauty website, order one of our great products and enjoy the beautiful weather with beautiful skin!