2019 is here and it's amazing

2019 is here and it's amazing

2019 comes with many surprises for our most beloved customers and friends. We are now rebranding and becoming 1Beauty. We chose to be the #1 skincare site, because of you. We want to provide only the best and most innovative cosmetics! This is exactly why our team has chosen its brand new name 1 Beauty and decided to change its philosophy and vision.

Being a fast-growing company, we have decided to expand our product line. We will focus on leading cosmetics from all over the world that are exclusive, natural and innovative. It is time for us to evolve, staying true to our core values and remain of service to you, our wonderful clients:

  • Keeping up to date with your favourite products that are carefully selected to have new and interesting ingredients that haven’t been seen before;
  • We will offer a much larger variety of sheet masks with natural and high-quality ingredients;
  • Our main focus will expand and we will cater to every type of skin, whether it is for anti-age, acne or sensitive skin;
  • We will also offer accessories and make-up;
  • We will continue to ship express, add gifts to your order and answer any question you would have;

  • We have prepared many events, promotions and surprises for you.

We are hoping you will share our excitement of our new expanding product range and brand! We hope to hear your feedback and don’t forget to visit our website in order to see our carefully selected cosmetics for you!

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